BlueVoyant Research: Most Firms Have Suffered a Direct Cybersecurity Breach Caused by a Third-Party Vendor

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Government Cyber Security

Cyber attacks against U.S. state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments are increasing at an alarming rate. Using proprietary tools, proprietary data, and a commitment to a vision of collective defense, we’re supporting municipalities in their defense against future attacks.

Prepare for CMMC

Our work in Government, Public Sector and Critical National Infrastructure work spans a global set of use cases.

Our CMMC program is just one example of how our team supports organisations across the U.S.

We work with National Healthcare Services to protect their supply chains and detect and remove impersonated websites for public sectors.

The new CMMC regulations will fundamentally change the way you do business with the Department of Defense.

We can help you find your new pathway, protect your contracts and deliver your revenue, starting with proactive CMMC pre-assessments.

Our assessments Include a detailed comparison of current states of cybersecurity posture and maturity against the CMMC framework controls associated with the maturity level you wish to achieve.

We have extensive experience providing similar assessments including the NIST 800-171 assessment as well as our own proprietary Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (CMA)

See our dedicated page to stay on top of all the latest developments, case studies and top tips framework:

CMMC: The Journey To Compliance

Key use case

With the proliferation of 5G technology across the globe, it’s vital that telecom providers analyze the risks associated with purchasing and implementing technology for countries considered foreign adversaries.

At the request of a US government agency, we conducted a Risk Analysis of a telecommunications provider within the European Union. Utilizing our unique intelligence dataset and analytics platform, we combed the landscape for divides produced by foreign adversaries and delivered a comprehensive risk report with realistic recommendations for the reduction of risk within the European Telecommunication company.

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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requires 3rd party compliance assessments of DoD contractors that handle unclassified but sensitive information. We’re here to help you with all matters of CMMC assessment and assessment preparation.

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Your healthcare supply chain is vast, and growing. Our CR3 service helps reduce your cyber risk by proactively identifying, prioritizing, and remediating the risks posed by your business partners and supply-chain relationships.

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